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Mustang Predator ECU Programmer 03-04

Mustang Predator ECU Programmer 03-04
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Mustang Predator ECU Programmer 03-04


Things you can do with the Programmer:
Allows precise adjustability for extreme tuning
Display is almost 300% larger than competition
Monitor and change your Air/Fuel ratio Accepts custom tunes from CMR dealers and Diablosport Ability to change the shift points (auto transmissions only) Ability to monitor current data information Has code reading functionality, gives description of the code, and can erase (in most cases) the trouble code Ability to change the timing These programmers increase your horsepower, gas mileage AND torque. Gas mileage gains are dependent on the driver. Every unit is brand new and still in the original box.

Custom Fits The Following Vehicles
2003-2004 Mustang SVT (Supercharged)

Easy to use! Exclusive! Adds 15-20 HP in cars (non-supercharged), 25-35 HP in cars (supercharged), 20-30 HP in trucks & SUVs (gas) and adds 4 tunes in diesel truck & SUV applications. Exclusive! User adjustable timing curves (not on diesels), fuel curves, speed limiters, rev limiters, part and full throttle shift points*, shift timing*, shift pressure* and re-calibrate speedometer for gear and tire size changes. Exclusive! 300% larger backlit screen than competitive tuners. Exclusive! Fastest re-tuning times on the market. Exclusive! Custom tunes and updates available through the Internet. Exclusive! Re-tune vehicle after factory re-flash of PCM. Exclusive! Multi-vehicle DTC scanning and erasing plus live data monitoring. Installs in minutes with no computer skills required.Won't void powertrain warranty.Limited lifetime warranty.